Chuck Todd nailed why Trump’s SOTU just didn’t cut it for so many Americans.

NBC’s Chuck Todd has an issue with President Trump’s first State of the Union address. It’s

Volkswagen Apologizes for Testing of Diesel Fumes on Monkeys

The controversy over Volkswagen AG’s diesel-emissions cheating took another twist when the carmaker apologized for a

Trump Proposes to Cut Medicare and Spend Big on Wall, Defense

President infrastructure proposal the administration plans to unveil alongside the fiscal year 2019 budget, as well

This Cow Ran Away From Home And Fulfilled Its Dreams By Joining A Wild Bison Herd

Why did this cow cross the road? We’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t to get

Went for an eye test and ended up having brain surgery! Look after yourselves, imgurians. Your health is your wealth.

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God & Man What No Contact Really Is – And What It Isn’t No Contact is