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David Cassidy Passes Away At 67

He will be missed. According to People, David Cassidy has passed away at 67. As we

5 Ways Dry Shampoo Is Sabotaging Your Hair

I would try to beat around the bush with this one, but given what the headline

Della Reese, Music Icon And ‘Touched By An Angel’ Star, Dead At 86

Reese’s costar Roma Downey sent People a statement confirming that Reese had died in her California home on

Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweets about $4,000 ‘raise’ from Trump tax planand it completely backfires

“The average American family would get a $4,000 raise under the President’s tax cut plan. So

Sen. Lindsey Graham: If we don’t pass tax reform, Democrats will take the House and try to impeach Trump

(CNN)South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said Friday that if Republicans don’t pass tax reform, then

How One Woman’s Digital Life Was Weaponized Against Her

The first time the police arrived on her doorstep, in March of 2015, Courtney Allen was

Bowe Bergdahl gets dishonorable discharge, avoids prison time

Fort Bragg, North Carolina (CNN)Bowe Bergdahl received a dishonorable discharge from the US Army, but will

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Calls to ban Coca-Cola Christmas truck

His concerns come four months after a study by Public Health Liverpool naming and shaming what

Doctors Remove Woman’s Womb To Perform Pioneering Surgery On Fetus Outside The Body

Inside this glowing red orb, surrounded by the sterile blue light of the operation theatre, an