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Norwegians troll Trump over sh*thole comments

Norwegians have a surprising message for he would rather receive immigrants “from places like Norway” instead of,

Narcissists Dont Always Suffer From Low Self-Esteem Malignant Ones Are Just Entitled

Drew Wilson It’s a common response I receive when I write articles about narcissists, even malignant

Husband Posts Facebook Plea About Dying WifeThen a Man She Never Met Says “Id Do It”

ShareTweet 35-year-old Coloradan Melinda Ray was quickly dying from a genetic disease destroying her liver. With

MRW after 3 hours of getting raped by a boss in dark souls, I finally empty his health bar on about my 50th try, and instead of dying, he just regains all his health and becomes far more deadly.

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31 Days of Happiness Countdown: Carrie Fisher’s dog is in the new ‘Star Wars.’ (Day 13)

Thanks for stopping by for Day 13 of Upworthy’s 31 Days of Happiness Countdown! Each day

Is everything you think you know about depression wrong?

In this extract from his new book, Johann Hari, who took antidepressants for 14 years, calls

Trump Takes On Amazon Again, Urging Much More in Postage Fees

President Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post newspaper and is currently the world’s  

Haemophilia trial’s ‘mind-blowing’ result

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionFather-of-two Jake Omer was born with haemophilia A

Run, Joe, Run? Donald Trump Would Lose ‘Overwhelmingly’ To Joe Biden In 2020

Ready for 2020 yet?! Neither are we, but politicians are definitely thinking about it — and

Using drones to build the ambulance fleet of the future

Alice Lloyd George Contributor AMLG: In terms of how it works — the staff in these clinics, they